Bob Clark's Dog Training

Expert Private Dog Training Lessons, Puppy Training, & Dog Behavior Training

• We have over 25 years of experience with dog training!

• Our training is based on mutual respect, trust and only positive reinforcement

• We offer free dog training evaluations for dogs of all ages and breeds

Bob Clark’s Dog Training
426 School St, Northbridge, MA 01534

Hours: Monday-Saturday
7 AM to 7 PM
By appointment only 


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Dog Training

Dog Training is the greatest gift you can give your dog or anyone who has a dog. Not only does dog training prevent and stop unwanted dog behaviors, but It’s the first step to establishing a natural and successful relationship with your dog. Dog training is your dog’s education on how to coexist with you and your family.

Dog Training

Bob Clark, owner and founder of Bob Clark’s Dog Training, has been professionally training dogs for over twenty five years with dog training techniques, puppy training techniques and dog behavior training techniques based on mutual respect and trust.  

Free Dog Training Evaluation

All dogs are different, so please contact us for a free dog training or dog behavior training evaluation and estimate based on your dog’s training needs.

Puppy Training

New puppy? Ask about our 5 Lesson Puppy Training Package–everything you need to know to get off to right start with the newest member of your family.