Dog training is the greatest gift you can give your dog or anyone who has a dog.

Bob Clark's Dog Training Tips

 Starting puppy training between the ages of 3 to 6 months can prevent your puppy from developing unacceptable and destructive dog behaviors.
 No dog is too old to learn new tricks! Dog training at any age can improve your dog’s behavior.
 Dog training can be fun, but should be taken seriously. A mistake can imprint a bad habit rather than correct it.
 Remember, repetition conditions the dog and consistency is key to improving your dog’s behavior. Dog’s love routines!
 Avoid any dog training based on “Alpha Dominance,” a cruel dog training method that can be dangerous to you and your dog.

Why your dog needs proper dog training

Dog training is your dog’s education on how to coexist with humans. Ultimately, dog training develops a respectful relationship because it creates the line of communication between you and your dog. Your dog will be happier knowing what pleases you and you will no longer be frustrated, worried or embarrassed by your dog’s behavior.

Private Dog Training Lessons

Why private dog training lessons work best

Like people, dogs are individuals with unique issues, personality traits and lifestyles. No single dog training program works for every dog, so our personalized dog training format is designed to fit the needs of your dog and your family.

Dog training lessons are private one-on-one classes with you and your dog, but all family “pack” members are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Private Dog Training In Your Home

All lessons are now held privately in your own home!