Are you REALLY ready for a puppy?

Bob Clark's New Puppy Tips

 New puppies 8-10 weeks old are sweet, sleepy and cuddly newborns. By 8 months, they’re adolescents. If left untrained, be prepared for unruly behavior!
 Most puppy problems can be prevented or eliminated by the proper use of a crate.
 Puppies need structure and consistency with feeding, sleeping and house training schedules.
 Don’t play “tug-of-war”. It seems like a game, but can lead to “aggressive dominance” behavior.
All breeds of puppies need puppy training. If you haven’t decided on a specific breed, consider adopting from a local shelter or breed-specific rescue organization.

Links to local shelters:
Worcester Animal Rescue League
Dog Orphans
Baypath Humane Society

Most dog behavior problems are created in the first three months of ownership.

Puppy Training Packages

Prevent problems before they start! Call today to decide which Puppy Training Package is best for you! (774) 573-2959. You can also contact us to book your puppy training!

PPP Puppy Training Package (Pre-Puppy Purchase) Consultation - $95

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