Educating people about the true nature of dogs through dog training based on mutual respect and trust.

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It's not whether you win or lose, it's how great your coach is. And you're one of the greats! We want to thank you for your knowledge and patience...Maggie was a challenge but you helped us a great deal. She is much more controllable. We highly recommend you!

Bob Clark is an outstanding dog trainer. Not only have we learned new techniques in training our dog; we also are far more educated about our dog’s behaviors and how he thinks. With Bob’s support, our adopted dog Joker is now a calm and happy house pet. If you would like a well-behaved dog and the confidence to take him anywhere; we highly recommend Bob Clark.

About Bob Clark

Bob Clark's Dog Training

Owner and founder of Bob Clark’s
Dog training, Bob has been a
Certified Master Trainer for 35
years and is a member of the U.S. Dog Training Association. He studied with C.W. Meisterfeld PhD of Petaluma CA, a veteran dog trainer and author whose philosophy is based on “Mutual Respect and Trust.”

As a professional dog trainer and life-long dog enthusiast, Bob believes that educating dog owners about the benefits of proper dog training will create stronger and more lasting relationships between dogs and the families that love them.

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Miles and his owner Louise in class

“Providing leadership, structure and dog training results in a well-behaved, happy dog.”  
-Bob Clark